Landfill Disposal

Landfill Disposal Procedures

A traffic light and intercom system are used to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. Upon arrival at the landfill, drive up to the stop sign. The office attendant will greet haulers on the speaker outside your driver side window. You will be asked to identify the contents of your load so you can be directed to the correct site(s) for disposal. Drop boxes are available near the scale so small loads can be disposed of without requiring the customer to drive into the disposal cell. 

Weigh: Once you have weighed in, the attendant will turn the traffic light to green and you may now enter the yard to unload at the correct site(s). All loads are to remain covered and secured until after weigh-in. Once unloaded you must drive back onto the scale to weigh-out.  

Pay: After the light turns green pull over to the cashier window and the tipping fee will be collected. Anyone dumping material in the wrong area will be required to clean up the material and take it to the correct site for disposal or be liable for the associated penalties and/or cleanup fees.

Load Inspections

All loads entering the landfill are subject to inspections to screen out prohibited materials. Individuals who dump any prohibited materials in the landfill are subject to fines, penalties, and removal or cleanup costs associated with the incident. The following materials are prohibited at the Watertown Landfill:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Liquids
  • Tires
  • Waste oil
  1. Recycling
  2. Yard Waste
  3. Compost
  4. Major Appliances
  5. Christmas Trees

The Watertown Sanitation Department would like to thank the Watertown residents for their awesome support of the Single Stream Recycling collection program in Watertown. These are the special features of Single Stream Recycling: 

  • All recyclable materials are placed in the tan 95 gallon container provided by the city
  • Recycling is collected every other week on the same day as your garbage
  • Areas north of Third Avenue North and all of Lake Kampeska are in recycle route A
  • Areas south of Third Avenue North are in recycle route B
  • Refer to the color coded calendar in the Refuse and Recycling Manual to determine what week you should place your recycling container out for collection.

Tan 95 gallon Recycle containers with wheels and attached lids are available for residents to use. Call the Watertown Sanitation Department at 605-882-6219 or complete the request form to request a recycle container be delivered to your home. 

Recyclable items include: 

  • Plastic
    • Bottles with a neck smaller than the base (as milk jugs, plastic pop bottles, dish soap and shampoo bottles). Remove caps and lids; throw them in the trash.
  • Metal
    • Aerosol cans - completely empty with caps removed. Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans; not necessary to remove labels.
  • Cardboard
    • Clean corrugated and non-corrugated paperboard (as cereal boxes, soda boxes, and cracker boxes). Break down large boxes to get more into your container.
  • Paper
    • Newspapers, coupon pages, glossy inserts and flyers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, computer paper and phone books.

Examples of items that are not recycled and should go in your regular garbage are: 

  • Items soiled with food or oil
  • Cardboard milk and cardboard or foam egg cartons
  • Antifreeze, oil, pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer containers
  • Ice cream buckets, Styrofoam cups, and butter or yogurt containers
  • Shredded paper;
  • Scrap such as pie tins, tin foil, or paint cans
  • Glass
  • Window envelopes and padded envelopes
  • Milk or egg cartons or pizza boxes