Building Permits

On an annual basis, the Community Development Manager and Community Development staff issue, manage, and inspect 500 to 600 building permits having an estimated value of 40 to 50 million dollars. Included yearly is an average of 50 to 80 or more new residential dwelling permits including single family homes, multiple family housing, and apartments.


Building permits are issued for all residential and commercial projects. A building permit is needed whenever there is a structural change in any building or structure or when any project exceeds a cost of two thousand dollars (materials and labor). A permit is needed for:

new / replacement windows and doors
demolition of any structure
fencesreplacement of mobile homes
basement finishes
moving any structure over 12' wide over city streets
interior remodels / upgrades
converting single family home into duplex
new HVAC systems
operating a business out of your home
 re-roofingmoved-in structures

This is NOT a comprehensive list. Please call 882-6201 with any questions before you start a project in case you are in need of a permit. 

Permit Applications

Using your email address, please create a login and password to apply for a building permit online. This process will allow you to save your form, access submitted permits, and track the status of all your permits.

Past Building Permits

On a monthly basis, an abstract of all issued building permits is created for public viewing.

Variance Request

If you would like to apply for a variance, please contact Community Development staff at City Hall. Please call (605) 882-6201 or stop in Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.