Public Works

About Public Works

Collectively, six divisions make up the Public Works Department providing an array of the most essential services that better public health and safety to provide a high quality of life for community residents. The divisions include the Airport, Community Development, Engineering, Solid Waste, Street Maintenance, and Wastewater. The work of the Department is not limited to but can include being responsible for air transportation services, compliance of building code, permit issuance, construction of reliable infrastructure, collection and disposal of both solid waste and recycling, treatment and analysis of wastewater discharge, maintenance and improvement of roads, alleys, storm sewer, drainage ways, and traffic control measures. The City of Watertown, SD is also a proud member of the American Public Works Association (APWA). You can learn more about the APWA at

Mission Statement

The staff of the Public Works Department (PWD) fully supports the City of Watertown. We do our part by providing services essential to an exceptional quality of life through collaborating across all divisions.

  • Airport: Providing global connectivity through safe and convenient travel opportunities.
  • Community Development: Ensuring compliant building projects and orderly development.
  • Engineering: Providing excellent delivery of capital projects and ensuring reliable infrastructure.
  • Solid Waste: Collecting, conveying, disposing, and processing solid waste and recycling.
  • Street Maintenance: Maintaining and improving the condition of streets, alleys, storm sewer, drainage ways, and traffic control measures.
  • Wastewater: Ensuring public health through compliance with regulations by proper conveyance, treatment, analysis, and discharge of all wastewater.


The Public Works Department (PWD) is committed to meeting the needs and expectations [LH1] of the community by providing excellent customer service, collaborative discussions, and embracing innovation to ensure the City of Watertown is a community of choice. 


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