About Engineering 

Responsible for preparing plans and specifications for City streets, sanitary sewers, lift stations, storm sewers, detention ponds, urban systems projects, airport improvements, landfill improvements and industrial park additions. Provides technical assistance to other departments. Develops and enforces engineering construction standards for subdivisions and municipal infrastructure. Supervises projects engineered by consultants and prepares and updates street and utility maps. The Engineering Division also oversees the agenda of the Plan Commission Board. The Planning Division of the Engineering Division is responsible for the review and permitting of all development in the community, and processing cases through the Planning Commission and City Council, as necessary. Perform regulatory reviews of, annexations, zoning, plats, concept plans, preliminary plans, commercial site plans, and construction plans.  Administer the associated permits for community development and capital construction projects, including street cut or ROW permits, floodplain development, construction, and grading.   

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