Temporary Location During Renovation, 2006 - 2007

Watertown Regional Library- April 2006 – July 2007

The Watertown Regional Library moved to a temporary location during the construction of the expanded library on B Avenue and 6th Street. The location was formerly used as an auto dealership, and a furniture store.

The size of the location on the ground floor was approximately the same size as the whole library on B Avenue. There was no Community Room, or Staff workroom on the main floor. The staff work and break area was downstairs. The lighting in the building was not installed for library shelving, but the temporary location served quite well for the year that it was needed.

The Children’s Librarian still held storytime throughout the school year, in the children’s area, and summer storytime for the month of June. Other activities, like meetings, the Friends’ film festival and book sale, were held elsewhere. Many of the older folks who live in uptown Watertown were happy to have the library close by, even for a short while. Traffic and numbers of people drastically increased in that area of the uptown for that time period.