Art Display Policy

The Library Board of Trustees, in an effort to demonstrate and encourage appreciation of art, will provide the opportunity to display various works of art at the Library pursuant to policy approved. The Library Director, as designee of the Library Board of Trustees, has authority for implementing this policy.

Application for exhibit space is to be made to the Library Director. Acceptability of an exhibit is at the discretion of the Library Director whose decisions may be appealed to the Library Board of Trustees.

The Library Board of Trustees recognizes that the contents of an exhibit may offend some library users. A request for reconsideration of any given item in an exhibit will be referred to the Library Director.

Displays will be created by the Artist with the Library reserving the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of display at anytime. The Artist may post a sign with the exhibit. The sign may be no larger then eleven by seventeen inches, and should contain only name, contact information and a short biography of the artist. No prices or signage indicating that the work is for sale may be posted.

Artwork sold by the Artist while on display must remain on display until the end of the exhibit. Neither the Library nor Library Staff may act as an agent for the Artist in any sale.

The Library and the Library Staff are not responsible for any losses due to damage or theft of the Artist’s work. The Library will not provide insurance coverage. If insurance coverage is required, it will be provided exclusively by the Artist.

Adopted: April 1, 2008