Billing Policy

Patron with overdue materials may be sent a bill for the cost of replacing those materials plus an administrative fee. People living at the same physical address as the person to whom the bill is mailed may have their borrowing privileges suspended until the bill has been paid.

Before the suspension is effective, a person has five (5) days from the date upon which the notice of suspension was mailed or personally served to appeal the suspension of their borrowing privileges under this policy by asking the Library Director to review the suspension and render a written decision. If the Library Director does not remove the suspension, the person has five (5) days from the date that the written decision was mailed to request that it be reviewed by the Library Board at their next regular meeting by notifying the Library Director that they wish the issue to be placed on the agenda for that meeting. Such notice shall be given at least seven days prior to the meeting, or the appeal to the Library Board shall be heard at its next regular meeting and the person so notified. If appealed, the suspension shall be on hold until the appeal is exhausted.

Adopted: October 26, 1993
Revised: February 11, 2014; May 31, 2017