Continuing Education Policy

In an attempt to encourage the full time employees of the Watertown Regional Library to continually improve their education so as to be able to better help the public the Board sets this policy.

Any full time employee who has worked for at least 180 days since being hired is eligible to apply for aid to take a class. An employee who wishes to take a class that he/she thinks will help him/her provide better service to the public will provide the Director with an advertisement describing the class and the cost. At the completion of the class the employee will have the school or the instructor certify in writing that the employee’s grade is equal to or greater then a C+ and that the employee was in attendance at least 90% of the required time for the class. If either of these requirements is not met the employee will refund all the money provided by the Library for the class. Any deviation from this portion of the policy is at the discretion of the Director.

If in the opinion of the Director the class would benefit the Library, the Director may authorize payment up to $250.00 annually for costs related to the class. Payment to be made from the Fines Fund. If in the opinion of the Director the class would benefit the Library, but the costs are greater than $250.00, the Director may bring the issue to the Board. The Board will then determine on a case by case basis what will be done.

Prior to disbursement of funding for the class the employee will sign a release authorizing the Library to withhold from his/her wages the amount of the class if the grade and attendance requirements are not met.

All policies or parts of policies in conflict herewith are hereby expressly rescinded.

Approved: October 29, 1996 
Revised: July 7, 2009; April 4, 2016