Meeting Room Policy

The Watertown Regional Library, by and through its Library Board, reaffirms that the Library is an appropriate forum for information and ideas. As such an appropriate forum, and recognizing that the Library meeting rooms are an essential component in achieving its Mission, the Library’s meeting rooms are available to individuals, groups or organizations (hereafter "group") pursuant to the following rules and regulations when a meeting room is reserved:

1. Open to Public and Fees. All meetings must be open to the general public and may not require or charge a fee for attendance. A fee may be charged to offset the costs of materials distributed. No party may be required to take such materials as a condition of attendance.

2. Restrictions. No meetings may be conducted by a for-profit group. Meetings and materials shall be contained in the room. Materials from the meeting must be removed at the end of the meeting.

3. Regular Meeting Site. The Library is not to be used as a location for regularly (monthly or more frequently) scheduled meetings of a group to conduct its business, except in the instance where the group's purpose is for the betterment of the library by supporting literacy, reading appreciation, creative writing, written composition, and arts composition or appreciation. Subject to the approval of the Librarian or designee, exceptions may be made due to the unavailability of a group's regular meeting space.

4. Conduct of Meetings. The start and end times of each meeting are subject to the approval of the Librarian or designee. The conduct of the meeting is subject to reasonable limitations placed by the Librarian or designee on noise level, numbers of attendees, use of utilities, use of other library facilities, and such other limitations as the Librarian or designee deems prudent and desirable for the safe, efficient and quiet operation of the Library.

5. Designation of Representative. Prior to each meeting, a group must designate in writing with the Librarian or designee the name, address and telephone number of the member of the group responsible for the conduct of the meeting and the use of the facilities.

6. Preemption of Previously Scheduled Meeting. At the discretion of the Librarian or designee, a previously scheduled meeting may be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time.

7. Exceptions Approved by Library Board. This policy may be suspended from time to time, on case by case basis, upon motion, and approval by a majority of the members of the Library Board.

8. Consequences for Violation. Failure to adhere to any of the above policies may result in your group’s privilege to use the meeting rooms being revoked, either permanently or for a certain period of time, at the discretion of the Library Board.

The use of the Watertown Regional Library meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement by the Library, the Library Board or the City of Watertown of a group's policies or beliefs.

Adopted: April 26, 1994
Revised: January 4, 2011; February 2, 2017