Application Fees


See the table below to find what you application fee may be. Please contact the Community Development Office at (605) 882-6201 with any questions fees or the application process.

Application FeeFee
Research Request$100.00 per property min. ($100.00 each additional structure, address, and/or legal description)
Conditional Use $200.00
Variance $300.00
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Review$300.00
PUD Review (Minor Amendment)/ PUD (Major Amendment)$100.00/$150.00
Plat Review (Final)/(County Joint Planning Area)$150.00 + $5.00 per lot + Recording Fees/$75.00
Preliminary Plan Review$200.00
Vacation (Right of Way/Utility Access)$150.00
Zoning Map Amendment$200.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendment$200.00
Administrative Plat$50.00 + Recording Fees
Concept Plan$200.00
Tax increment Financing (TIF) District$200.00
Planning & Zoning Permit$25.00
Postponement by Applicant (after notice has been sent)50% Application Fee