How early should I arrive for my flight? 

We recommend passengers arrive 90 minutes prior to their flight. This will provide ample time to park, check in with your airline, and pass through the security checkpoint. For up-to-the-minute security wait times, visit the Transportation Security Administration's website.

How many bags can I bring through the security checkpoint?

When flying out on Denver Air Connection passengers are allowed 1 personal item, 1 carry on, and 2 checked bags for free.  If returning on another carrier checked baggage fees may apply.

Does the airport have a lost and found?

To retrieve items lost in the common areas of the airport, contact the Airport Administration office at 605.882.6209.

Where do I go for lost baggage?

Lost baggage is the responsibility of your airline. If your baggage is lost or delayed, complete a missing baggage form with your airline before leaving the airport and keep a copy of the claim form for your records. The airline may also ask you for the baggage tags you received upon check-in. To check on the status of your claim, contact the airline's baggage claim department.