Why Fly ATY

Flying out of Watertown can save you Time and Money!

The Watertown Regional Airport is your best option in air travel. There is no need to drive long distances to Sioux Falls or Minneapolis to get great deals on airfare. You may be surprised, but departing out of Watertown is more convenient, quicker, and less expensive than other airports in the area!

When you think about air travel out of a small regional airport, you might think you will have to fly in small propel-driven aircraft, with cramped spaces, no lavatories, no flight attendants, etc. BUT flying out of Watertown, you fly in style on a Embraer ERJ 145. The ERJ 145 is one of the latest aircraft from Embraer, and it has the power, performance, and economic efficiency to provide Watertown the competitive advantage over other airports in South Dakota.

Visit the California Pacific Airlines website for more information.
Embraer ERJ 175