Grading Permits

No person shall do any grading without first having obtained a grading permit from the City Engineer. Filling, grading, lagooning, dredging or disturbing of ground which would result in any detriment to streams, rivers and lakes by reason of erosion, sedimentation or impairment of fish and aquatic life is prohibited. (E-299-1)
To download a Grading Permit form, click here.

Floodplain Permit

A floodplain development permit shall be obtained before construction or development begins within any area of special flood hazard established in Section 5.0206(2).
To download a Floodplain Permit form, click here.

Sidewalk, Street Approach, Curb & Gutter

Public sidewalks, approaches, curb cuts, driveways and sidewalk accessible ramps are regulated through the City Engineer’s Office. A permit is required before any work is initiated in the public right-of-way. Each property owner is responsible for the public sidewalk bordering their property. The sidewalk shall be repaired or replaced as necessary, and shall be kept cleared of snow in the wintertime.
To download a Sidewalk, Street Approach, Curb & Gutter Permit form, click here.

Cost-Participation Program

The City currently has a cost-participation program to assist property owners in paying for the replacement of a public sidewalk in residential areas. A permit is required before beginning any work, and the sidewalk must conform to ADA standards. For further information about this program, click here or contact the City Engineer’s Office at 605-882-6202.
To View a PowerPoint presentation on the sidewalk cost-participation program, click here.

Street Cuts for Utilities

The excavation of any street, sidewalk, alley or public right-of-way is regulated by through the City Engineer’s Office. A permit is required before any work is initiated in the public right-of-way.

Contractor Requirement

The contractor is responsible to patch the street pavement or make arrangements with the Street Department to perform the work for a fee. The contractor is also required to maintain all traffic control and protection of the excavation work. The excavation and repairs shall be completed as quickly as possible. 
To download a Street Cut for Utilities Permit form, click here.

Storage of Building Material in Street

The City Engineer is authorized to grant permission in writing to any person to deposit and keep lumber, stone, brick, or other materials for building in any public street, sidewalk or public right-of-way.

Contractor / Property Owner Requirement

The contractor /or property owner can obtain a permit for placing building materials, dumpsters, contractor trailers, and other building-related items in the public right-of-way. The permit comes with a $25.00 fee. 
To download a permit form, click here.