Support Services

The Support Services Division is responsible for many of the administrative duties and details within the Watertown Police Department. Reporting to the Captain of Support Services are three Lead Communications Officers, the Police Information Systems Technician, the Records Unit Supervisor/Evidence Custodian, a Facilities Custodian, and Vehicle Maintenance person. Additional responsibilities include overseeing Property Control, Information Technology, the Rural Information Exchange Model program, and Building Maintenance details.
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  • 911 Communications - Consists of three Lead Communications Officers who supervise three Squads of Communication Officers who are responsible for the intake of emergency 911 and non-emergency calls for service received by the Watertown Police Department. This unit provides 24 hour dispatch information services for police personnel as well as other governmental organizations and jurisdictions that contract with the Watertown Police Department for 911 dispatch services.
Ryan Remmers
Support Services Captain
  • Records Unit - Consists of Records Clerks who are supervised by a Records Supervisor and are responsible for the storage, dissemination and destruction of the business records and archives of the Watertown Police Department. This unit is responsible for the Records Management System and processes and stores arrest records, case reports, accident reports, citations, warnings, and related documents.
  • Evidence - The Records Supervisor serves as the Evidence Custodian and is responsible for the retrieval, intake, storage, and disposition of all evidence and property taken into custody of the Watertown Police Department during the course of duty by both sworn and civilian personnel.
  • Fleet & Building Maintenance - Responsible for the care, cleanliness, and maintenance of the police department vehicles, building and surrounding grounds.
  • Property Control - Entails receiving, storage, and dissemination of agency owned property that is directly related to primary enforcement operations of the Watertown Police Department. Responsibilities include procuring, distributing, and auditing equipment such as firearms, ballistic vests, radios, pagers, uniforms and other equipment in support of the Watertown Police Department’s mission.
  • Information Technology and Rural Information Exchange Model - Includes the overall management of the computer networks and other technology needs of the department. Also includes the management of a computer network that is shared between the WPD and several surrounding law enforcement agencies.