911 Center

LeeAnn BenthinThe Watertown 911 Center is a fully functional regional E911 Center and is operated 24 hours a day by a staff of twelve full-time and two part-time employees. The Watertown 911 Center received over 58,000 calls in 2020, the Watertown Police Department accounted for 24,000 of those calls for service.

A joint board consisting of representatives of the Watertown Police Department, Codington County Sheriff's Department, Watertown Fire Department, Codington County Commission and the Watertown City Council oversee the center's activities. Daily operational and budgetary control of the center falls under the responsibility of the Assistant Chief of Police of the Watertown Police Department.

The Watertown 9-1-1 Center serves all residents of the City of Watertown with complete emergency and non-emergency dispatch services to include Fire, Medical, Law Enforcement, Animal Control, Severe Storm Warnings, Utilities, Public Works and General Information services.

DispatchIn addition, the Watertown 9-1-1 Center also provides emergency only dispatch services for the residents of Codington, Day, Hamlin, Deuel, Clark, and Grant Counties. The Watertown 9-1-1 Center receives emergency calls for Fire, Medical and Law Enforcement assistance and quickly dispatches the proper assistance for the residents of these counties. 

The center utilizes "state of the art" radio communications and computer technology including digital mapping software to quickly and accurately locate callers and dispatch the appropriate assistance as quickly as possible. Technology being employed by the center will also locate wireless or cell phone callers. Communications links are maintained with South Dakota State Radio, the National Weather Service, Area Emergency Responders and the Office of Emergency Management. The 9-1-1 Center staff receives approximately 10 weeks of training before being allowed to answer emergency calls and are licensed to offer emergency medical and fire instructions to 911 callers.

The 9-1-1 Center staff is available to present seminars and educational talks to the public on E911 services including why and when to call 911 and what to expect when you do. Arrangements can be made by calling the 911 Center at (605) 882-6210 and asking to speak with a supervisor.
For more information about the Watertown Police Department 911 Center, contact Assistant Chief of Police Ryan Remmers.

The Joint City-County Board members are:
  • Chief Tim Toomey- Watertown Police Department
  • Fire Chief Doug Kranz - Watertown Fire Department
  • Sheriff Brad Howell - Codington County Sheriff's Department
  • Brenda Hanten - Codington County Commission
Warrick, Dennis
Benthin, LeeAnn
Schaefer, Angie
Dennis Warrick
Lead Comm. Officer
LeeAnn Benthin
Lead Comm. Officer
Angie Schaefer
Lead Comm. Officer