Innovation for Clean Water

Innovations for clean water is an area for exploration of new ideas, old ideas and different ways of looking at the same problems. By keeping an ear to the interwebs and staying open for suggestions, there is a chance to develop, redevelop or make more efficient, processes and projects to help clean the water and to keep it clean.

Wild Ideas in progress

Phosphorus Removal Facility

Located on the south side of Lake Kampeska, the repurposed water treatment facility, decommissioned by the utility department, operated until July, 2016. See above page for complete details on the plant facility

The concept was to capture excess nutrients from the lake water when they have been consumed by the algae, effectively removing excess phosphorus from the natural recycling of the lake.

lights in growth chamber

Constructed Wetland / Vegetative Treatment System at Bramble Park Zoo

Designed by SD State University Agricultural Engineering Department in 2012, a constructed wetland located at the east edge of the zoo has begun processing water from the zoo's duck pond. Duck pond water is pumped to one end where it is discharged into a concrete sediment basin. The settling basin allows the heavy solids to drop out of the water and provides an effective means of maintenance. The water then passes into the wetland area where cattails and other wetland plants will use the nutrients, filter the smaller solids and returns to the duck pond via a second pump in the manhole.

The wetland recycles and cleans pond water, provides a means of nutrient removal, and shows how wetlands can be used to filter and clean our surface waters.

water coming in from duck pond water settling in wetland

Plants begin to sprout


Please send suggestions / comments to the project office. Staff are always on the lookout for new ideas that can be tried for improving water quality.


ideas on how to increase education about water quality and conservation.


on-the-ground innovations that can prevent or treat nutrient-laden or sediment-laden water.