Spring Litter Blitz

Instructions for the 2019 Spring Litter Blitz - Thank you for doing your part!


Please pick up your bags and supplies at the Watertown Community Foundation Office 211 E. Kemp     

April 15-May 1. Office hours 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Closed 4-19, 25, & 26.  Call 605-882-3731 for assistance. Please return supplies promptly to drop-off site. Other groups need them too, and supplies are limited.

Keep safety first! 

  • Wear bright-colored clothing with safety vest provided
  • Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, gloves and boots
  • Be aware of traffic conditions and use crosswalks and signals where available

Picking up Trash and Recycling:

  • Your zone includes both sides of the road, and median and bike trail, if applicable. Long sticks, extendable grabber tools, and buckets may be useful.
  • Orange bags ~ Trash only
    • Garbage
    • Caps from any plastic bottles
  • Gray Hefty drawstring bags ~ Recyclables only
    • Empty pop/beer cans
    • Plastic pop or water bottles (caps removed)
    • Clean cardboard (corrugated and thin)
  • As you are walking, if you see an unsightly property or junk items, make a note of location and inform the Police Dept. at 882-6210 for follow-up.
  • Keep track of these items to fill out feedback form: number of workers, hours worked, strangest item/most common item, suggestions for future improvements.
  • Take a group picture if possible and random action photos and email Jill Slobotski at assistant@watertowncommunityfoundation.org for posting on Facebook or other media.

When the bags are full:

  • Tie bags shut. 
  • Take to the Watertown Street Dept. at 730 Arrow Ave NE.  Separate your bags into the collection areas for Trash and Recycling. 
  • Leave any unused bags, and leave the safety vests, buckets, and grabbers to be re-used.  They will be shuttled back to WCF for use by other groups.
  • If you have large, bulky items or are unable to transport your bags, leave them at an intersection or easily-identifiable location, and call the Sanitation Dept. at 882-6219, 8:00-4:30, Mon. – Fri. and ask for your bags to be picked up.

After the Clean-up Week ~ Your Group Could Win $100!

  • Complete Feedback Form on city website.
  • This information is extremely valuable for planning future events and reporting results.  Suggestions/comments welcome!
  • Groups that complete a Feedback Form will be entered into a drawing for $100 in Watertown Bucks. Drawing will be held during the May __ City Council Meeting. Need not be present to win. Thank you so much for your participation in the Spring Litter Blitz!

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Barb Brinkman 605-882-2933    Coordinator