Volunteer opportunities

To find out how you can volunteer visit Helpline Center 211 or visit their Facebook page

Register to become a volunteer at volunteers.sd.gov

COVID Helpers - This initiative provides safe & free delivery of goods to your residence. NEW: We are now expanding the service reach to include high-risk individuals (65+ and
 older or with a chronic medical condition) and households that have been asked to quarantine (due to possible exposure) and/or isolate (due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or presumed positive). 

 We are also expanding to include delivery of ANY purchased goods from local businesses.

 Purchased goods include: groceries, over-the-counter medications, prepared food, & non-food items.

 Anyone who is high-risk or under medical orders to quarantine due to possible COVID-19 exposure or isolate due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or presumed case may request a COVID-19 helper by:

 1. First, purchasing your goods online or over-the-phone at a local business.
 2. Second, calling 1-605-237-7234 and sharing pick-up information for your order.  *Make sure you give as much advance notice as possible to ensure we can align a volunteer for your order.
 3. One of our “COVID Helper” volunteers will then pick up your order and deliver it contact-free to your residence.

 Important information to know:
 ● There is no charge for the delivery.
 ● Anyone who is high-risk, under quarantine or currently sick with COVID-19 may request this service.
 ● Items must be purchased beforehand through the store, volunteers will not purchase items or handle money. If you need assistance purchasing your essential items, please call 211.

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Volunteer to make homemade masks!

Download the mask pattern here


Thank you to Lake Area Technical Institute and our community for making face shields and masks for healthcare personnel and first responders.

Lake Area Tech is in need of supplies to help make the shields:
1) overhead projector transparencies
2) large rubber bands that are 3.5 by ¼ inches
3) elastic 1/4 to 3/8 inches wide

If anyone has these supplies and are willing to donate them, please drop them off at the Salvation Army 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.