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  1. Camp Chance Volunteer Application

    Camp Chance Volunteer Application

  2. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request

    Used to notify the Watertown Police Department about recurring traffic complaints and/or to request traffic patrols in an area

  3. Complaint Form

    Used to file a complaint against a member of the Watertown Police Department

  4. Fraud Report Form

    Used to report incidents of fraud or scams to the Watertown Police Department

  5. Police Internship Application

    Use this form to apply for an internship with the Watertown Police Department

  6. Submit a Tip

    This form is used to submit a tip

  1. Citizens' Police Academy Registration Form

    Used to register online for the Citizens' Police Academy

  2. Commendation Form

    Used to report outstanding or exceptional performance by a member of the Watertown Police Department

  3. Contact PD
  4. Golf Cart Permit

    Used to obtain a permit for operating a golf cart on public roadways.

  5. Police Services Survey: How Are We Doing?

    Take a quick survey to tell us how we are doing

  6. Video Registration Form

    This is to volunteer to have the Watertown PD use their security cameras in case of a crime or incident