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Citizens' Police Academy Registration Form

  1. Session*
    Please specify which session you want to attend.
  2. Are you a taking the CPA for college credits?*
  3. What school are you attending?
  4. Have you been arrested for, or convicted of, a felony?*
  5. Have you been arrested for, or convicted of, a misdemeanor (excluding Class II traffic offenses)?*
  6. Agreement
    I agree to submit to the WPD’s selection process and understand that I must successfully complete this process before being given final consideration for acceptance. I understand that the Watertown Police Department reserves the right to deny entry into the Citizens’ Police Academy based on the findings of a background check. I understand that the WPD may take photographs and/or videos of Academy sessions. I hereby consent to having my photograph and/or video image used in future promotional materials. I certify the information contained on this form is true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I realize that falsification or misrepresentation on any portion of the application packet may result in my not being accepted into the Citizens’ Police Academy.
  7. Certification
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